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Best Practices for Subscription-Based App Analytics
Read the article to learn why this monetization model requires high-quality analysts.

Following the logic that most applications in stores are monetized on the shareware model, articles on app analytics are mainly devoted to this model. However, there are other monetization models that also require high-quality analysts, and this is why I decided to prepare an article on how to analyze the subscription-based analytics for applications.

It will be mainly about SaaS, as this segment is dominated by subscription model.

Let’s start with the most simple. What metrics are used for analytics of such applications?

Basically — the same:

  • scale metrics (DAU, MAU, users online),
  • traffic metrics (CAC, LTV, ROI),
  • retention metrics (retention, lifetime),
  • monetization metrics (ARPU, paying share, revenue).

Let us dwell in detail on some of them. Read the full article on Medium.

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