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How To Develop Game Community. Join The New Webinar
What makes someone download your game in a sea of other games?

We’re proudly announcing devtodev's next webinar that our Lead Analyst and Co-founder Vasiliy Sabirov will host together with Eduardo Sajgalik, a community strategist and professional player currently living in Montreal, Canada, and Anna Bashkirova, Head of devtodev Customer Support Outsourcing Service.

Eduardo has done work ranging from a really large company (Wizards of the Coast) to a starting indie studio (Frisson Games). 

He worked in multiple languages and cultures with gamers varying from 13 years old MMO players to 70+ Scrabble enthusiasts. He has a keen interest in inducing community development via game design - space that is now being explored in much more depth. Currently, he is exploring challenges surrounding community development as part of game design, quantifying the experience of spectators, researching game design in relation to streaming platforms and looking at solutions for studios that experience tax withholding.

Join this webinar to find out:

  • what makes someone download your game in a sea of other games;

  • what makes people talk to their friends about your game;

  • how you can drive long-term engagement;

  • how you can find a correlation between long-term engagement and monetization / retention;

  • the revenue structure in the free-to-play model and why every user is important;

  • why it is important for analytics to look into user behavior and not just into statistics;

  • how customer support service helps develop community.

The webinar will be held on OCTOBER 22 at 13:30 GMT / 09:30 EST. 

Register here - "How To Develop Game Community. Tips and Tricks".

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