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GameDev Days 2017: Identify and Solve Problems in Your Game Economy
Watch the full presentation from the GameDev Days 2017 on how to identify and solve the problem in your game economy.

In April team devtodev traveled to Tallinn, Estonia to participate in GameDev Days 2017 where our Lead Analyst Vasiliy Sabirov was speaking about the game economy and how you can improve it for your game.

There's no doubt that you'd like to see some profits from your game. Therefore you create promotions, experiment with the game balance, and sometimes when your budget allows, you even buy traffic. But unfortunately there's no money and it's not very clear what to do next.

Watch Vasiliy's presentation where he proposes the algorithm on what to do in such situations, how to indicate all the possible problems and then solve them. The theory is supported by the real-life case when we were able to find the problem on the early stage and give the game a new life. 

Here's the video below: 


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