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Debunking the Myths of Player Retention
Get to know the major myths of retention and how you can improve this metric for your game!

Meet devtodev's new recorded webinar Debunking the myths of player retention which was hosted by Vasiliy Sabirov, Lead Analyst and Co-founder at devtodev, and Oliver Kern, CCO at Lockwood Publishing.

Here's what we discussed during the webinar:

  • how to calculate retention,

  • why 40-20-10 formula doesn’t work,

  • how you can work with retention benchmarks, why you need to know them and why you need to be aware of them in other projects,

  • how retention works in hypercasual games and how they differ in terms of retention,

  • how you can start improving retention,

  • real-life cases on growing retention: mechanics that work and don’t work.

Watch the whole webinar here:

Enjoy! And feel free to reach out at info@devtodev.com if you have any questions!

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