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Analytics and Monetization in Hyper-Casual Games
Webinar on Analytics and Monetization in Hyper-Casual Games: about metrics, economy balance, A/B tests, machine learning and further development of this game genre

Check out our webinar on Analytics and Monetization in Hyper-Casual Games with Falko Böcker, Senior Publishing Manager in JoyPac, and Vasily Sabirov, Head of Analytics and co-founder of devtodev analytics service.

JoyPac is a hyper-casual mobile game publisher helping developers bridge the inherent gap between West and East, and create global smash hits. Falko Böcker focuses on scouting and signing new games for global distribution. He is a general point of contact for any questions developers have about working with JoyPac. Having represented both developers and publishers in the past, he has specialized in bringing the two together for over 10 years.

Falko and Vasily have discussed the following points:

  1. Analytics in hyper-casual games.

  2. Optimal dashboard that you can use for hyper-casual games. 

  3. Which metrics to use, their priorities.

  4. Balance between ad and IAP monetization.

  5. Ad monetization analysis.

  6. LTV forecasting.

  7. The average lifetime of a hyper-casual player.

  8. Game economy analysis (purchases, currencies etc.)

  9. Complexity curves in hyper-casual games.

  10. A/B-tests.

  11. Machine learning in hyper-casual games.

  12. A forecast on the development and analytics of hyper-casual games.

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